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Student Progress Center Help

The Student Progress Center (SPC) allows parents,student's and staff to view student attendance, comments, discipline, grades, progress reports, and transcripts (high school). To establish an account, parents are required to go to the Student Progress Center website and register as a new user. New users are asked for various pieces of information to verify their identity. The required pieces of information are highlighted in red and must be filled with the correct information as it was reported to the school. All information entered is information about the parent, such as the parent first/last name. The PSN should be given by the school.

Next, each parent or guardian must register a personal login ID. This is a security measure to insure children's privacy. In a family with children in school where the father and mother do not live together, the father would register a login ID and the mother would register a login ID if both wish to be able to log into the system to track each child's progress.

Students will need to contact their school about establishing a user name and password to access the site.

Using the Student Progress Center:
  1. Access the Student Progress Center for your district by using the link provided to you by your students school.
  2. Register a New User.
    • Enter information asked for by the registration form(required information is highlighted in red).
    • Click the Submit button to continue with the registration process.
    • Information must match the record at school.
  3. Register login and password
    • Enter a username and a password that will be used to log into the Student Progress Center.
    • Enter 2 security questions and answers.
    • Click the Submit button to continue with the registration process.
  4. A confirmation page will verify that your account was created successfully.
    NOTE: Be sure you write down the information you entered, since it is completely private and cannot be retrieved, even by school personnel. However, if you do forget your password, then you can click Forgot Password on the initial login screen and the system will ask you the two secret questions you provided and allow you to make a new password.
  5. Click the login button.
  6. Log in using the username and password you just created. Your child's name and student number should be seen. NOTE: The student number is randomized within our school district and is not used anywhere else for any purpose. Therefore, it is not private information.
Additional children:
To add additional children to the current account you must use the Link Students feature.
  • Click the Link Students button on the student select screen of the Student Progress Center.
  • Enter the first name, last name, PSN, and birthday of the student you want to add to this account (All information must match the information reported to the school). Click the Submit button to continue.
  • Once a student with the entered information is found click the Link To Student button to link this student to your account.
  • A page saying "Successfully linked parent to student" will be displayed. Click the Close Link Page button to return to the student select screen of the Student Progress Center.
  • In order to see the new student that has been linked to this account you must click the Logout link at the bottom of the screen to log out of the Student Progress Center.
  • Log back into the Student Progress Center and now you will be able to see all students that have been added to this account.

Navigating the Student Progress Center:

Tabs include Attendance (absences, tardies, check-outs, etc. for the current school year), Comment - teacher comments, Grades, Progress, Transcript information and more. Note: The Student Progress Center data is current information, constantly being updated. Attendance, comment and grades also appear on printed progress reports and report cards, but are less current. You may log into the SPC anytime and as often as you'd like.
  • Attendance information includes all years that the student has been in the JPAMS system.
  • The Grades tab gives the current grade average.
  • The Progress button is where you view the detailed list of graded assignments. Each time a teacher adds a grade, it can immediately be viewed here.

NOTE: The Command Center will only allow you to view information for one child at a time. In order to see another child's information, you have to click the link at the bottom of the page.

Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions:

I can't create a login:
Make sure you are using the first name, last name, and 5-digit Parent Security Number given to the school. If you are sure it is correct, contact the school(s) to verify.

I don't see all of my children enrolled at other schools:
Make sure that you have successfully completed the Link Students process in order to add other students to your Student Progress Center account. Contact the school(s) for further help.

Will other people see my child's information on the Internet?
No. Parents and Guardians see only the information for their own child.

Do the schools have access to my account?
No. Only the person who creates the account will know the login and password.

How often is the Student Progress Center information updated?
The information is "real time". When information is entered by the school, it is immediately available in the Student Progress Center.

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